20,000 anti-abortion postcards for Ottawa

The postcards have arrived in Ottawa. 

Beware that you may find the graphic anti-abortion No2Trudeau postcard on your doorstep: 20,000 cards are being delivered in Ottawa. The logical result of this campaign is to increase maternal mortality and morbidity in Canada by making abortions illegal and dangerous... again. 

Abolition simply doesn’t work. Globally, we see that legal restrictions increase the number of unsafe abortions. Right here in Ottawa, many of our supporters worked in emergency rooms when women routinely died from illegal abortions. It wasn't very long ago.  

The best way to reduce abortions is to reduce unintended pregnancies. 

At Planned Parenthood Ottawa (PPO), we do this by providing education and free counseling on birth control to help people prevent pregnancy until they choose to have children. But birth control doesn’t work all the time.
The next best way to prevent abortions is to decrease the barriers for people to make other pregnancy choices, whether to parent or to adopt. At PPO, we provide free counselling to help people navigate complex pregnancy options in view of their life priorities, resources and values, knowing that sometimes abortion is the obvious or only choice.
One third of Canadian women will have an abortion in their lifetime and 15-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. This could lead to a lot of heartache for people who find the cruel and hateful postcards on their doorstep. At Planned Parenthood Ottawa, we encourage people to call us for support if the postcards trigger grief about an abortion or a miscarriage. You are not alone. You can also find support from Bereaved Families of Ottawa.  
If you haven't already signed up, please consider making a pledge of $5 per month to make sure PPO is there when people need help. Concerned members make our work happen through their generosity.

Thank you for your support.